jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Vote yes to Lisbon !

Hi everyone,

Ireland will vote tomorrow vote for the second time for the Lisbon Treaty. The result of this vote is a crucial issue for Europe!

Of course, we can discuss about the facts that the European Union is far too bureaucratic, that there is a lack of information, etc..

But we all agree that the EU is the most important democratic project that Europe ever had! We have a chance to live in a peacefull Europe, with free mobility, a commun market, a single currency. You can work in every EU-countries, travel without border controles. There are no other part of the world where you can find a similar situation!

However, the European integration's process is not achieved yet and we have to go forward. With the Treaty in force at the moment (Treaty of Nice), unanimity is requiered to take decisions. This system cannot functions with 27 countries! The Lisbon Treaty will solve this institutional problem with the double majority system.

With all global issues such as sustainable development, financial crisis, international relationship, etc... we need an efficient Europe to have our own voice and take our own decisions. If we want a strong Europe, we must go forward in the European integration.

Therefore, Ireland, on September the 2nd, please vote Yes to the Lisbon Treaty!

More information about the Lisbon Treaty here:

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